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loving camp!

June 28, 2013

the boys are really enjoying their summer I’d camp. 


In survival camp, Shane won first place in the shelter building contest. He and his “shoulder buddy” used this reflective blanket, a rope, and some palm branches to build the best shelter of his class.



just testing

June 26, 2013

just testing to see if I can post a post and a picture from my phone.


seeing if I can enter text below a picture too.

Our Valentines

February 9, 2012

Each Rock has the Valentine's name and a sticker that says, "You Rock."

Here are the Valentines we created this year.  We listed the names of our 14 homeschool friends and the color and design we wanted for each rock.  Then, coat by coat, we painted them and let them dry.  After all paint was dry, Shane wrote each person’s name on their rock with a paint pen along with a sticker that says, “Your ROCK!”  I coated it all with a coat of Modge Podge to hold it all together, and finally sprayed them all with a coat of acrylic sealer to get rid of the stickiness.  We think they turned out great!

We planned a design for each special Valentine.

Merry Swissmas – Part 1: Swiss Fond-ew

December 3, 2011

For a homeschool group project – Christmas Round the World – Shane and Eric and I need to present Switzerland and it’s Christmas celebrations:  Crafts (no problem).  Traditions (check).  Food… yeeeeaaahhh.  Well.

Apparently the Swiss are just nuts over cheese fondue.  It seemed like a no-brainer.  Make a cheese sauce, let it bubble happily in a crockpot whilst my family and I visit the other Christmas Round the World homes, then have everyone over for an impressive Swiss fondue at our chalet.

I found the perfect recipe.  The recipe said “For Crockpot.”  The recipe called for 2 kinds of wine, garlic rubbed around the pan, a boatload of cheese, crusty bread for dipping.  How yummy does all that sound?  The recipe said melt it all in a sauce pan, then let it cook on low in the crockpot for 1 – 3 hours.  What could go wrong?  Ken and I salivated for an hour.   Then we tasted the recipe. 

The still-potent alcohol would have given me a buzz by the end of my bowl.  We let it cook a little longer.  You know – like the recipe said. We waited another hour.  We peeked.  It didn’t look good.  The cheese fat had separated and floated to the top.  We mixed.  Little curdled chunks swirled round and round, never quite mixing back in with the fat.  We tasted.  I know – I can’t believe we tried it, either.  We wouldn’t wish this recipe on anyone.

This is Ken being supportive.  And brave – he’s already taken a bite, so he knows what it tastes like.

Luckily, the Swiss also love Christmas cookies.  So at this point, I think our food contribution is going to be a tray of Publix cookies and a carafe of hot chocolate.  Underachievers, UNITE!

Leaf Craft

October 28, 2010

Leaf Craft

Aren’t these cute?  These were one our November Park Day crafts. We made them at home this morning by wrapping 2 inch squares of tissue paper around the eraser end of a pencil and then sticking them (still on the pencil end) to a piece of manilla paper coated with adhesive film.  The tissue stuck to the adhesive and slid right off the pencil.

I did the top one as a demonstration of a finished product, and let Shane and Eric each do their own, with a little help.  Neither could quite manage the fine-motor coordination involved in wrapping the tissue around the end of the pencil, then changing their grip to stick it to the adhesive, so I wrapped the tissues in the colors of their choices and let them take it from me and place them where they wanted on their leaf.

I was surprised at how quickly Eric was able to use his “pinchy fingers” to grasp the pencil over the tissue paper so it wouldn’t fall off, and place it on the paper.  It was neat watching him go from awkward to expert over the course of about 20 tissues.

I’ll have to do this again in December and use green and red paper to make a Christmas wreath.

Fall Park Day

October 28, 2010

Ahh…Fall.  Cool breezes, changing leaves… Really?  What state are YOU in?  Here in Florida summer is still conducting business as usual.  Nevertheless, we celebrated Fall in faith today with our October park day.

Here’s the short version:  Play, Show-and-tell Part I, eat, Show and Tell Part II, crafts, games and a cheerful goodbye.  Rumor has it that all the kids in one of our families of 3 fell asleep afterward.  I’ll need proof.

For  interested parties, here’s the longer version.

Show and Tell:

The diversity of  interests and object presentations represented here was fascinating.  What warmed my heart the most was the easy way they all conducted themselves in front of a group of almost 20 people.

Beautifully Sewn Apron, Super-cool Flashlight, Lovely Hand-Painted Ceramics, A Butterfly Story, Proud Gardener: Cucumber and Egplant from the Garden, Illustrated Disertation on Mole Rats, Tales of Fish Won and Lost, Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon, A Volcanic Eruption

We dined on Dominos and cheesy snacks then enjoyed some Halloween flavored games:  Guess What’s in the Box and The Mummy Wrap.


Note the teamwork taking place here

We also played “What’s in the Box?”

Notice the squeamish expressions

What was in the boxes?  EYEBALLS, WORMS and BRAINS…

Shane thought the eyeballs were delicious and came back for seconds.

Psst... It's really yogurt and grapes.


At the park we did a really cute thumbprint craft.

Everyone happily stamped and colored and drew except...

My little "Different Beat" drummer who preferred to continue the volcanic eruption on his own.

Two crafts went home for completion:  A really cute fall leaf picture frame, and an AWESOME scarecrow kit complete with fake, not-rotting pumpkin for carving the head, a shirt and pants, and straw for stuffing!  Can’t wait to try it.

And I can’t wait for Thanksgiving Park Day.

2nd Annual Apple Day (Happy Fall!)

September 23, 2010

Today is the first day of Fall.  That’s what the calendar tells us, even if the thermometer disagrees.  And since our homeschool group loves to celebrate anything, we welcomed Fall with our Second Annual Apple Day.

Everyone brought an apple-based food to share, and a craft.  Everyone except me – I couldn’t get me act together enough to crank out a craft, but my sweet friends were most understanding (Thanks, girls!).

To summarize, it was a blast.

To give the long version, here’s a quick breakdown of the day:

The kids played, then we ate lunch.

Apple chips, apple kielbasa, apple sauce, apple roll-ups, apple butter and apple jelly and, of course, apple juice.

Lunch was a hit.

The kids played some more, then we did crafts.

Adorable Bookworm Bookmarks

Adorable Bookworm Bookmarks


Our oldest homeschooler and Room Mother Apparent, made little fall scented potpourri kits for the younger ones to assemble.

Paint and apples to cut up for use as stamps. Shane took his apple stamping very seriously.

We were one smock short. Eric didn't mind.

Artists at work

The kids played some more, and we did an apple taste test.

The kids really enjoyed voting for their favorite apple. The democratic process has never been so tasty. (Which apple won?)

Finally, each child gave a show-and-tell presentation on the topic or item of their choice.

Landmark flash cards; the letter "C"; Rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Under Sea Picture; "Little Flowers" group; special book; a special doll; giant maraca; Impressive gymnastic ability; hockey gear.

I think the consensus is unanimous:  We’re all looking forward to the Third Annual Apple Day.