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All About Boardwalk

July 7, 2013

On Saturday a certain little boy learned that, when playing Monopoly, if your main goal is owning and developing one property…


…then you will probably lose everything else, including that favorite property. 

Today that same little boy tried focusing on developing the less flashy properties, and ended up owning and developing Boardwalk and Park Place and bankrupting his Mommy to boot.

So I got to thinking…What is my Boardwalk?  What is that thing I want so badly that I’ll mortgage the things that will help me reach my actual goals?

What am I usually doing when I’m not spending time with my kids?  Cleaning my house.  HA!  Yeah, no. 

What am I usually doing at 12:30 AM instead of sleeping?  Reading a mind-expanding, wholesome book.  Well actually, yes.  Sometimes.  But usually…naah.

Confession time?  Okay.  Screen time.  One more Google search for a cool homeschool project.  One more Pinterest peek at holiday recipes.  Five more minutes on Facebook.

I wonder.  Would I notice a difference if I did what I tell my kids and limited my screen time?  You know, I’m getting king of uncomfortable with the direction this is taking.  I think I’ll come back to it later. 

In the meantime, I’ll take another house on Boardwalk for $200.00, please.

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