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Merry Swissmas – Part 1: Swiss Fond-ew

December 3, 2011

For a homeschool group project – Christmas Round the World – Shane and Eric and I need to present Switzerland and it’s Christmas celebrations:  Crafts (no problem).  Traditions (check).  Food… yeeeeaaahhh.  Well.

Apparently the Swiss are just nuts over cheese fondue.  It seemed like a no-brainer.  Make a cheese sauce, let it bubble happily in a crockpot whilst my family and I visit the other Christmas Round the World homes, then have everyone over for an impressive Swiss fondue at our chalet.

I found the perfect recipe.  The recipe said “For Crockpot.”  The recipe called for 2 kinds of wine, garlic rubbed around the pan, a boatload of cheese, crusty bread for dipping.  How yummy does all that sound?  The recipe said melt it all in a sauce pan, then let it cook on low in the crockpot for 1 – 3 hours.  What could go wrong?  Ken and I salivated for an hour.   Then we tasted the recipe. 

The still-potent alcohol would have given me a buzz by the end of my bowl.  We let it cook a little longer.  You know – like the recipe said. We waited another hour.  We peeked.  It didn’t look good.  The cheese fat had separated and floated to the top.  We mixed.  Little curdled chunks swirled round and round, never quite mixing back in with the fat.  We tasted.  I know – I can’t believe we tried it, either.  We wouldn’t wish this recipe on anyone.

This is Ken being supportive.  And brave – he’s already taken a bite, so he knows what it tastes like.

Luckily, the Swiss also love Christmas cookies.  So at this point, I think our food contribution is going to be a tray of Publix cookies and a carafe of hot chocolate.  Underachievers, UNITE!

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