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Leaf Craft

October 28, 2010

Leaf Craft

Aren’t these cute?  These were one our November Park Day crafts. We made them at home this morning by wrapping 2 inch squares of tissue paper around the eraser end of a pencil and then sticking them (still on the pencil end) to a piece of manilla paper coated with adhesive film.  The tissue stuck to the adhesive and slid right off the pencil.

I did the top one as a demonstration of a finished product, and let Shane and Eric each do their own, with a little help.  Neither could quite manage the fine-motor coordination involved in wrapping the tissue around the end of the pencil, then changing their grip to stick it to the adhesive, so I wrapped the tissues in the colors of their choices and let them take it from me and place them where they wanted on their leaf.

I was surprised at how quickly Eric was able to use his “pinchy fingers” to grasp the pencil over the tissue paper so it wouldn’t fall off, and place it on the paper.  It was neat watching him go from awkward to expert over the course of about 20 tissues.

I’ll have to do this again in December and use green and red paper to make a Christmas wreath.

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