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Fall Park Day

October 28, 2010

Ahh…Fall.  Cool breezes, changing leaves… Really?  What state are YOU in?  Here in Florida summer is still conducting business as usual.  Nevertheless, we celebrated Fall in faith today with our October park day.

Here’s the short version:  Play, Show-and-tell Part I, eat, Show and Tell Part II, crafts, games and a cheerful goodbye.  Rumor has it that all the kids in one of our families of 3 fell asleep afterward.  I’ll need proof.

For  interested parties, here’s the longer version.

Show and Tell:

The diversity of  interests and object presentations represented here was fascinating.  What warmed my heart the most was the easy way they all conducted themselves in front of a group of almost 20 people.

Beautifully Sewn Apron, Super-cool Flashlight, Lovely Hand-Painted Ceramics, A Butterfly Story, Proud Gardener: Cucumber and Egplant from the Garden, Illustrated Disertation on Mole Rats, Tales of Fish Won and Lost, Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon, A Volcanic Eruption

We dined on Dominos and cheesy snacks then enjoyed some Halloween flavored games:  Guess What’s in the Box and The Mummy Wrap.


Note the teamwork taking place here

We also played “What’s in the Box?”

Notice the squeamish expressions

What was in the boxes?  EYEBALLS, WORMS and BRAINS…

Shane thought the eyeballs were delicious and came back for seconds.

Psst... It's really yogurt and grapes.


At the park we did a really cute thumbprint craft.

Everyone happily stamped and colored and drew except...

My little "Different Beat" drummer who preferred to continue the volcanic eruption on his own.

Two crafts went home for completion:  A really cute fall leaf picture frame, and an AWESOME scarecrow kit complete with fake, not-rotting pumpkin for carving the head, a shirt and pants, and straw for stuffing!  Can’t wait to try it.

And I can’t wait for Thanksgiving Park Day.

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