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By Hook or By Crook (or, “It’s All in the Putting”)

September 17, 2010

We’ve been loving our piano.  My biggest fear was constant pounding by two active boys, but it hasn’t been an issue.  They seem to respect it as an instrument.

Last week I started Shane’s piano lessons.  He practiced willingly all this week; but when I mentioned the new songs he would learn at today’s lesson I began to suspect that, having learned five songs, he considered himself an accomplished pianist with no use or need for further study.

He especially balked at learning “The Doorbell,” the next song in his Performance book, declaring emphatically that he would NOT play that song, not once, not until he was eighteen years old or maybe twenty.

“Okay.  No big deal.  You don’t have to learn it.  You and Eric go play Legos for a couple minutes.  I have something to do in the office real quick.”

A couple minutes with my scanner and paint program and this:

The Dreaded "Doorbell"

became this:

"South American Animals"

..which he played happily with no hesitation.

Afterward he asked, “Do I have to play “The Doorbell?”

“Nah.  We’ll skip it.”

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