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Mask Fun

August 23, 2010

Want a quick animal mask?  Here is a website that has some cute ones you can print if you don’t have time for a craft project.

Here’s a way to make a mask fit snugly but not too tight.  If you have elastic, by all means, use that – it’s much easier.  If you do not have elastic, here’s the MacGyver version.  You will need:

3 feet of string, 2 squares of tape, a medium sized rubber band, your child’s head.

First, cut the string in half.

Next, tie each string to the rubber band.

You now have an elastic mask string that won't pull your child's hair like a large rubber band

After you’ve tied the string, tear off 2 small squares of tape and put them in a handy spot.

Loosely thread the string ends through the mask holes, then fit the mask over your child’s head.  Pull the strings until the mask fits snugly, but not too tight.  Quickly tape the string to the mask where it threads through to hold it in place temporarily.

Remove the mask and tie the strings for good.  Remove the tape if you can do so without tearing the mask, otherwise just press it down and no one will ever notice.

Ta da!  A perfectly fitted mask.

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