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August 1, 2010

I love this word.  Shane and Eric would like to rub it from the dictionary.

This is the word I say when I have heard a seven point argument, usually spoken with no periods, and usually stated for the third time.

This is what I say when I have considered each of the seven points carefully in their entirety, and decided at the same time I do not want to address or deal with any of them.  For example:

“Mommy, you should give me dessert for dinner I really want it and it would be so good and I won’t go nuts from all the sugar and I don’t like what you’re cooking because we had spaghetti last week and I promise I’ll go to bed without fussing and I won’t bother Eric if you just give me ice cream for dinner.”

I pause.  I take a deep breath.


Isn’t that a perfect word?

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