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And the Winner Is…

July 31, 2010

Our color journey is over.  Ironically, the color Ken and I both love is the same color we both knew we wouldn’t like when we put it up as a swatch (far right in my last entry, if you’re curious).

The friend who suggested  it came over for a color rescue, saw the pathetic swatch I had painted, and told me point blank and shaking her head that I hadn’t done the color justice.  Okay.  So I scratched it on with a piece of painting foam, only applied one coat, and our white walls were showing through.  Still, we both knew it would be too dark.  End of story.

“You need to paint it on a big section of wall.  When you see a lot of it at once, and it’s not a dark little island surrounded by a sea of Candlelight Ivory, it won’t look dark.  It’ll look great.”  She was emphatic.  Did I mention that “she” is also a professional interior decorator with impeccable taste?  Why ever did I argue?

I painted half a wall.  It looked fabulous!

After work, Ken opened the front door, convinced he would not like it but reminding himself to keep an open mind.  Took one look and said, “Yeah!  Let’s go with it.”

So the winner is….”Softer Tan.”

Now, for curtains.

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