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Color My World

July 29, 2010

So which would you choose?

This is not an impressionistic or cubist painting.  It’s the a real-life journal detailing our continuing search for the perfect wall color.

We’ve been happy with “Candlelight Ivory” for 6 1/2 years, but I’m ready to be happy with another color now.  A color that does not belong to the color family “dark white.”

First I wanted to go yellow.  Add sunshine.  Surely “Pale Sunshine, “Moonlit Yellow,” or “Song of Summer” would do the trick.  They looked great on a 1×2 inch sample.  A wise friend intervened.

Alright then, we let IHOP inspire us.  “Cracked Wheat” and “Belgium Waffle” joined the Sunshine Gang on the wall.  Nope.

We thought outside the box.  “Haze” and a greenish color I cannot remember and “Softer Tan” added some contrast to our evolving wall decor.  Nope, nope and nope.

By now Ken and I were color stalkers, shifty eyes darting about each new home and building we entered.  Our Sunday school room had a nice linen tint.  A friend’s walls were a promising sandstone.  My conversation opener on visiting a friend for the first time had become, “I love your house!  What color are your walls?”

After calling the maintenance department of a friend’s condo we got the special formula for their wall color.  Sherwin Williams said it was the color match for “Stucco.” Second from the right in the pseudo cubist mural pictured above.

So, after Belgium Waffle and Song of Summer, Haze, Cracked Wheat and Softer Tan, Pale Sunshine and Moonlit Yellow, we may very well end up with plain old “Stucco.”  If so, I will privately rename the color “End of a Journey.”

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