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Rock On!

July 18, 2010

What a surprise!  We went on a Saturday Adventure Walk at Phillipe Park yesterday.  Ken, our Adventurous Leader, found a new trail to explore.  We rounded a bend and discovered, to my utter shock, a fabulous rock and rope playground!  And I happened to have my camera tucked away in my oh-so-fashionable, pink  fanny pack.  CLICK CLICK!

Boys were made to conquer mountains, so this was heaven!  Here are some of my favorite pics.

My little "Never-Rest" climbing his "Everest"

Below:  Shane takes a breather.

We left the rocks and ropes and continued on our hike.  Shane spotted a fiddler crab “scuttling” – his word – across some leaves and hiding behind a post.

We continued exploring.

We agreed that this trek will be much better in November with more cool air and fewer biting bugs.

Ken was a great sport and stopped at a garage sale on the way home.  With Shane leaning out the window yelling, “GET SOME TOYS,  MOM!!”, I hit the JACKPOT and found 5 Rescue Hero action figures for $2.00!  And the added bonus?  The sale was funding a women’s prison halfway house we support!

Shane and Eric were VERY thankful for the new toys, especially since their current selection is still very limited, and played with them cheerfully for the rest of the day.

I love No-Plan Saturdays!

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  1. KAREN permalink
    July 26, 2010 3:30 am

    Rescue Heroes…. Jordan’s favorite toy when he was younger. We still have them all and have no plans of getting rid of them. You hit the Jackpot alright!!

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