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He Says/She Says

July 18, 2010

Don’t freak out over this post.  If you have arachnophobia, just skip it.  Otherwise, read on.

Eric pointed out  several new neighbors who have moved in on our back porch.  Four spiders have spun webs and laid their bumpy, beige egg sacs under the horizontal aluminum supports of our lanai.

When Ken came home, I mentioned it to him.

“Sweet-T, there are four spiders on our back porch.”

Mmm hmm.”

“I think they’re brown widows.  I looked them up online.”


“They’re related to black widows, and their venom is actually more potent; but since they deliver a lot less, they aren’t really that dangerous.”


“I think they just laid their egg sacs since I didn’t see them a couple days ago.”

Huh.  That’s a really interesting science lesson you just delivered.”

“Oh! Sorry Sweetie!  I was talking girl-speak.  I’ll repeat the whole thing again in guy-speak:  ‘I want you to get rid of those spiders, and I want you to do it quickly.'”

AHHHH!  Theeeeere we go!  There’s something I can work with!”

Why do we girls waste so many precious words laying the foundation and presenting the back-history, when husbands generally just want to know what, if anything, we expect them to do about it?”

A word of public praise for my sweet husband:  We don’t keep a honey-do list.  He’s better than I am at seeing what needs to be done and just doing it.  I love you, Ken!

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