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Thanks for the … compliment?

July 13, 2010

A couple days ago Shane said, “Mommy, your hair is so beautiful!”

I thanked him for the lovely compliment.

Then he asked, “Do you use Bosley?”

For those not in the Infomercial know, Bosley is a hair transplant system.

“No, sweetie, I do not use Bosley.  And you cannot have a Pillow Pet, either, even though it is indeed a pillow and a fake pet!  But thank you still for the lovely compliment!”

I’m still chuckling.

BTW and FYI:  Day #5 of The Great Toy Lock Down, and Shane and Eric have not complained once about the new rule.  They play for long stretches without sniping and snarking at each other, clean up without a fuss since it takes less than a minute, and the only mess left for me to clean up at the end of the day is my own, so I can’t complain!

In short, I’m loving it!

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