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Mirror, Mirror

July 12, 2010

Those of you who read “Winds of Change” a few days ago may be wondering how that’s working out?

SO GREAT!  I can’t believe how calmly those boys accepted 99% deprivation of all toy matter.  No bickering, very little whining (none of it about toys), and they happily put away their one toy before moving to the next.

In all honesty, I should admit where their penchant for utter chaos may  come from.  The day I locked up all their toys, I gulped and snapped this picture of my own desk.  I’m shielding my eyes and ears from your reaction:

Happily, that’s a “before” picture.  I took a dose of my own medicine and put away a few of my own toys.  Here it is now:

Much better!  You have my permission and encouragement to ask me every few days to post a picture and keep me accountable.

I got to thinking, though.  How many other areas of habit, tone or behavior do I correct in my sons, only to find myself saying or doing the exact same thing a few days (or minutes!) later?  MAN that’s annoying!  Please tell me I’m not the only one?

Thankfully, a lot of what they copy is polite and loving and kind.  Like when they pass a stock person in Publix and say, without prompting, “Excuse me, sir, would you please tell me where the candy is?”  Ya gotta love that!

As I begin this brand new week (I love brand new weeks!) I’ll be more mindful of what I’m teaching Shane and Eric silently, by my actions and reactions  since, as an African saying goes, “Your actions speak so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”

Mural, mural on the wall, who is it that I see?
Two sweet sons, beloved ones, grinning out at me,
Portrayed in all their facets – I ponder what I see:
The mural is a mirror, and it’s reflecting me.
My words and tones and actions are copied – every one;
So, Lord, please let
my life reflect Your own beloved Son.

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