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On the Menu for This Week

October 19, 2009

Shane is SO curious about our new Five in a Row book this week.  I’ve told him it’s about a man who makes and flies an airplane.  I’ve told him it’s true, not fiction.  I’ve even told him the name of the book:  The Glorious Flight.  But I haven’t shown him the actual book, and that is driving him delightfully crazy.

I have a tote full of flight-related library books and we’ve read some of these together.  But I haven’t shown him the book.  Here it is, if you’re curious:

The Glorious Flight

I hope he likes it.  I think he’ll like it better than the week we learned about quilting (The Rag Coat).  That week he cut the tag off his Blue Blankie, fully intending for me to stitch that tag into a quilt for him.  Unfortunately he did not tell me his grand plan and I was cleaning the kitchen and saw an old tag and…  I won’t describe the ensuing conversation and many related tears two days later.

I will tell you we were both teary-eyed ELATED when we found the remains of a tag curled up in a tiny roll under one of Blue Blankie’s corner hems.  Apparently he had only cut off half the tag for my quilting project.  He asked me to write “TYKES” on the remaining attached scrap so it would have the same word it used to, and all was well again.  WHEW!  I got off EASY!

I don’t know if this week’s book can compare to Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel, though.  I mean, it was a steam shovel, after all.

Me?  I’m looking forward to the Five in a Row cooking segment:  Onion Soup and real French Bread.  French Food to go along with the book, which takes place in France, for the most part.  Actually I’m more looking forward to the eating segment.  Or maybe I’ll just cook up some french toast. YUM.  I’ll keep you posted.

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