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Kinesthetic Learning

October 9, 2009

You can’t see them, but Shane has  springs permanently attached to his feet and bottom.  That boy cannot sit still!  And his focus…yeah.  Hmm.  Not so much.

Days go much better when I plan for some movement.  Today was GREAT!

Bible verse: I cut the words apart and had him rearrange them in sequence.  Then we each called out words for the other to find and put in a pile.

Math: I turned the worksheet over and my heart sank.

I could see his brain switch off.

I could see his brain switch off.

I know, I know.  Addition problems are kind of part of the whole math thing.  But his hands get so tired and his whole body goes 17 different directions at once.  Enter JUMP MATH!

I copied each addition problem (without the answer) onto six 3×5 index cards, then drew each problem domino-dot style on six other cards.  Since I didn’t want our lesson to include a trip to the emergency room, I placed the dot cards on some non-skid mesh.

Shane picked an addition card from the stack and looked for the matching dot card.  When he found it he jumped right on top of it, then picked the dot card up for a closer look to solve the problem.

About to land on 2 + 7

About to land on 2 + 7

He still did the rest of the math sheet – after all, we’re working on that focus thing.  But I think JUMP MATH and similar games will become an important part of our school day.

Finally:  Music (I told you it was a great day.  We really covered a lot, and had fun doing it!)

I am blessed to have Shane in my 5/6 year old Kindermusik class! This semester we are learning to play the dulcimer.  Practicing is not at the top of Shane’s list of priorities.  This week I found a way to make it more fun for my active, kinesthetic learner.

I printed a large music staff and one note:  f, g, a, c, or d on five pieces of copy paper.  Shane spread the pages out on the floor and I turned on some music.  When the music stopped, I called out the kind of card I wanted him to find, he found it, then I turned the music back on and called out another card.  I upped our game a little each day:

Day 1: Called out “line note!” or “space note!” and he found a card with a line or space note.
Day 2: All of us were sick.   Didn’t do much school.
Day 3: Called out a letter name, he found the matching card.
Day 4: Called out a letter name.  After he found it, we both ran over to our instruments (glockenspiel and dulcimer), and each tried to find and play the note the quickest.  (Shane won each time!)
Day 5: Same as Day 4, but faster.

Here’s a shortened video of  Day 5:

He’s really gotten quick.  More importantly, he asks to play again!  I always say, “Weelllll, I dunno.  Okay, I guess so!”

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  1. Karen permalink
    October 26, 2009 1:14 pm

    Adorable! Why didn’t Eric play??? I bet he was napping…….

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