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A Dash of Culture

September 18, 2009

So who new that St. Petersburg had such a cool Art Center?  Certainly not us, until today.

We visited the Morean Arts Center with our homeschool group  – “TWIGS,” if you’re interested.  An art moderator seated our children at tables, passed out paper and pencils, and briefly explained the theme:  Fairy Tales.  Hey!  We know that one!

The moderator explains the day's art processes

The moderator explains the day's art processes.

The open-ended assignment:

Create a pencil sketch based on the fairy tale of the child’s choice, then add color with oil pastels and paint.

Shane chose The Three Little Pigs, picked up his pencil and set to work with confident, interested determination.  His pencil knew where to go!  He drew the first piggy’s house, including the door (with a doorknob), the big bad wolf and the other two houses with piggies inside.  He added a brook in front with some grass beside, and presto!  The pencil sketch was complete!

Drawing the second house

Next they added color, first with oil pastels…

Adding the Grass River Bank

S - finished with pastels

…then paint.

S - Experimenting with paint

When he finished, he was proud of his picture, and I was proud of him!

Then came the 30 minute Q & A art tour through the museum with all pictures unprotected and hanging a mere 3 feet off the ground.  The moderator guided the children through the museum, stopping in each section to explain and point out art history and technique.

At least, I think that’s what she was doing.  I was too busy chasing Eric and hissing, “DON”T TOUCH THAT!” to really pay attention.

Note:  Neither Shane nor Eric are in this picture.
Note: Neither Shane nor Eric are in this picture.

But we made it through with no bill for damages, had a great lunch (Teddy Grahams, raisins with m&m’s, and a chocolate pudding pack – lunch of champions, right?) on the patio…


…and called it a day.

And it was a great day!

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