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Adding Spice to Printing

August 30, 2009

When it comes to handwriting well, let’s just say my sweet son has not focused much on fine muscle coordination, and does not welcome guidance in that area.  I researched until I found a handwriting curriculum with 99.9% rave reviews.

Common Review:  “My son HATED handwriting until I gave him this one,” they said.  “Now he BEGS me to let him do his worksheets!”

Yeah!  That’s what I was looking for! I bought the whole Kindergarten kit.  And look at all this cool stuff!

He likes everything except the workbook

It makes me want to practice my handwriting!

Well, unfortunately the reviews must now be 98% rave and 2% “I still don’t wanna do it.”

Actually AlphaBoy doesn’t detest the whole thing, just the part where he has to pick up a pencil and copy 4 good “P”s in the boxes.

He doesn't like to eat his Ps, either.

He doesn't like to eat his Ps, either.

Ever have an “AHA!” moment and a “duh” moment, and they’re the same moment?  Today AlphaBoy wanted to play chef and customer.  I grabbed a toilet paper role and cut it in half.  Then I cut two strips of paper, one black and one white.

I drew  little boxes on them just like the ones he hates to write his letters in.  I mentioned that every good chef needs to add salt and pepper to his recipes.  This seemed right, and he did want to be a good chef, so he wrote “S-A-L-T” on the white paper and “P-E-P-P-E-R” on the black.   A perfect review of the letters we’ve studied, and 2 new letters besides. (R and S, if you’re curious.)



We glued the strips onto the rolls and he trotted off happily to make pretend chicken soup with SALT and PEPPER.

I think he knows that when he writes four good P’s, all he has is four Ps.  And what good are four Ps to an industrious little boy?  But  SALT and PEPPER shakers… Well now.  Those are worth some effort.

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