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Back to School Celebration!

August 26, 2009

School starts in 5 days – definitely time to start celebrating the start of a brand new year.  And what better way to celebrate than getting together with great friends, yummy cake, fun play and…OFFICE SUPPLIES!  YEA, OFFICE SUPPLIES!

AlphaBoy and 2 friends (the “Three Little TWIGS”) and all their accompanying siblings (8 kids between the 3 families) got together for our “Back To Homeschool Celebration” at one of our houses today.  Kids played, parents talked, and then we all ate pizza and pencil cake (YEA, OFFICE SUPPLIES!) with icecream.  A little more play, a little more talk, a plan for Mommy’s Night Out next week, and it was time to pass out special school supply bags (YEA…well, you know…) and head home for a little (supposed to be) quiet time.

All three families contributed to the bags, and look how much fun!

Not Pictured:  Ticky Tac

Not Pictured: Ticky Tac

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