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Unofficial School: The Pre-Weeks

August 12, 2009

We’re ready to start our first year of homeschooling.  Our official start date is August 31, but I’ve been doing test runs all summer to see what works and what does not.

No: Writing “A” 15 times for practice
Yes: Writing “A” in a salt tray once and on paper five times.  Maybe 3.  Then moving right along.

No: Laying down a sheet of math and “working through it.”
Yes: Casually dropping concepts into conversations while we work with manipulatives.  Better yet, finding math in real life.

No: Sticking with it till AlphaBoy shows me he’s got it.
Yes: A change of pace or subject when he gets antsy.  Mentioning it in conversation later on.  Waiting a week or 3 for him to surprise me by casually demonstrating on his own, in his own time, in his own way that “He got it.”

No: Staying with my plan, as written, to the bitter end
Yes: Expecting bunny trails.  Accepting it when my idea of a fun lesson turns out to be, well, not his!

Yes: Relaxing and preparing to enjoy a fun year.  It’s Kindergarten…  How hard can it be.  Hmm…

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