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August 1, 2009

We are a first year homeschooling family.  Our boys are 5 and 2.  Although I taught 2nd and 3rd grades for 6 years, in my saner moments I quake in my Nikes wondering if this is going to work.

What if he can’t learn from me because I’m his mom?
What if I can’t stick to a schedule?
What if my house begins to look like a school and not a home?
What if my house gets so messy it looks more like a science experiment gone terribly wrong than a home or a school?!
And what, oh what will I do with Li’l Tag while AlphaBoy is having lessons?

Thank goodness for all those books that reassure me that 99% of homeschool moms feel like this, and that the fears generally melt away into the business of getting down to work and finding out what works.

And the things that don’t work?  Well, I’ll just consider those my “interesting blog post” days.

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